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How To Make Father’s Day Fabulous: Ideas For Making It Memorable

Sunday, June 19th is the day families everywhere celebrate Father’s Day. It’s a global event that has everyone focused on the guy who does everything from child care to backyard cooking to managing a company outside the home. In fact, today’s modern dads are all about tackling any task that needs doing. Today’s dads are giving, invested, and adaptable, able to answer the call of fatherhood in whatever form it takes.

And so, June 19th is the day to make the dad in your home feel appreciated and special.

In this post, we offer some great ideas for making his day memorable. Some are classics – breakfast in bed, to start the day right – while others are new suggestions that just might strike the right note for the dad in your life. No matter how you decide to celebrate him, chances are the only thing he really wants and needs is the gift of family!

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1) Brunch instead of breakfast at home.

Of course, dads love to see a plate piled high with pancakes made by their child (with nanny’s help!) but this year, consider taking him out. The past two years pretty much compelled all celebrations to be held indoors, so why not splurge? Take him to his favorite diner and treat him to a meal of eggs, bacon, toast, and fresh fruit – or whatever he loves to eat on special occasions. And don’t let him pick up the tab, no matter how hard he tries!

2) Help your child make a Father’s Day card.

This is a classic too – a homemade card with drawings just for him, signed by the whole family. Homemade cards are traditional for a reason – dads love any crafts made by their children, no matter how basic. Spend an afternoon with your child at their crafts table, and help them draw and sign a card meant just for their dad. It’s so much more special than a store bought one.

3) Arrange a dream car rental.

Let’s be honest – lots of men dream of driving a James Bond car just once, right? Or maybe a Ferrari or some other sports car? Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity for indulging this whim. Call a local rental company and find out what the fanciest vehicle on the lot is, and go ahead and surprise dad with a two hour rental. He will be thrilled and touched that you splurged on him in this way.

mom and dad driving in a convertible

4) Invite his friends for a whisky or wine tasting.

This is a very grownup way to treat him to something unique. You can arrange a tasting (of any brew he favors) at home or at a nearby distillery, winery, or pub. Let him spend an hour or two with his buddies while you get started cooking a special dinner – with your child’s help, of course! Make all his favorites, and bake or buy a special dessert. All the meals on Father’s Day should include the foods he loves.

5) Let him choose the movie on Father’s Day.

Usually, dads are pretty good about letting their spouses or children choose what movies to watch. On Father’s Day, let him control the remote – let him watch a soccer game or any other sports event he’s in the mood for. Chances are he will choose something the whole family can watch together, just so he can spend time with everyone.

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6) Offer to clean up his favorite space.

Does the dad in your life have a tool room or an area in the garage where he does small repair jobs or practices his guitar? If so, suggest that the family will tidy it up for him, sorting through piles, sweeping the floor – whatever might need straightening up. And if yard work is usually his Sunday chore, suggest that you and your children will do it while he puts his feet up with a good book. The goal is to make Father’s Day stress-free, and the only activities he has to do are the fun ones.

7) Add an item to the collection he’s building.

Does the dad in your house collect first editions, fishing gear, antiques, or old coins? If there is something he’s got his eye on, now is the time to get him something new. Even something small will make his day – it doesn’t have to be expensive or eye popping. It only has to be something he will really like, and that speaks to who he is and the things he enjoys.

8) Do something outdoors.

Most dads today are active, and love getting outside in the fresh air for some exercise. If he’s a cyclist, take him to a nearby trail, pack a picnic and spend the day outdoors. If he’s a swimmer, head to a local beach or community pool. If he is a dancer, head to a fun class and show him your moves. What matters is that you go along with whatever activity he loves, making Father’s Day a truly active family day.

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Modern fathers are family focused individuals who prize any time they can spend with their families. Starting with breakfast, make everything on his special day all about him – from the foods he loves to the sports he enjoys. We bet that what he most wants for Father’s Day is to be surrounded by his loved ones — his partner and his children!