5 Advantages of a Having a Massage Therapist Nanny (and why you need one today!)

Two Professionals in One!

Hiring a nanny is, of course, all about doing what is best for your child, whether you are bringing home a newborn or you’re looking for someone to care for your three toddlers at home so you can get back to work. Either way, you no doubt have a list of skills you consider priorities when hiring a nanny, but may we ask: have you considered adding “massage therapy” to that list? No? Let us take a moment to explain why you should!

First of all, at Elite Nannies, we have an array of professionals ready for placement who are not merely experienced nannies with lots of childcare years to their credit. Many of our nannies have other skills you may not immediately associate with the profession, such as nursing degrees, special education training, and even experienced chefs! The point is, that no matter how improbable you may imagine it is to find a nanny with one (or all!) of these additional skills, let us assure you it’s not. Many of our nannies have additional skills to share with your family. Including massage therapy.

Our nannies have specialized training and many are registered massage therapists; some have been to college to study, others have a certificate from a particular massage institute. All are fully equipped in knowledge of anatomy and their style of massage, whether it’s Shiatsu, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy Massage or Swedish massage.

They are able to provide you with the same professional service you would receive at a licensed spa – and there are many other styles of massage our nannies offer as well.

Instead of having to bundle up and go to a spa, imagine having a massage specialist at home. There are many benefits of having a nanny with this unique, specialized training. For example, infant massage is a widely-recognized speciality that many pediatricians recommend for babies, particularly if you’ve got a colicky infant who is kept awake at night by a sore and upset tummy.

Some of the additional benefits of massage include:

1. Massage can sooth a cranky baby, help them fall asleep, or just get them calm

Your massage therapist nanny knows precisely how to rub your baby for the effect they need, and can help you learn how to do it so that, for example, you can massage them in the middle of the night after breastfeeding. Massage is a wonderful way to promote bonding between a mother and her baby, and your nanny can show you precisely what moves and rubs help the most.

2. Massage is excellent for premature babies

Everything we just mentioned about massage and babies goes triplicate if a baby has been born prematurely. A recent study in Pediatrics, an online website (www.pediatrics.com) suggests that the kind of skin-to-skin contact that comes from massage is particularly good for babies born a little early, whether you rub them on their wee necks, legs or tummies. They need that reassuring feeling, and if you, the parent, can’t be there for some reason, or you just need a break, your nanny will step in and take over massaging your infant.

3. Massage is good for mom, too!

It isn’t just your baby who benefits from massage therapy; you do, too. Particularly when you’ve just come home after giving birth, your muscles and joints are apt to be sore and feel a little “over used,” so to speak.

Childbirth is an arduous process, right? Imagine coming home from the hospital, being handed a cup of herbal tea, and stretching out while your professional nanny rubs your shoulders… it’s bliss! As a mum, you do a lot of care giving, so turning over your back and shoulders to a professional massage therapist – without having to leave your home – is a wonderful way to get your body on the road to recovery. Daily massage increases blood flow, soothes muscles and joints, lowers blood pressure and speeds up your body’s restoration and healing. It is a duty many of our nannies perform with great pride and pleasure, because when their employers feel better, they feel better, too.

4. Even if you’re not a brand-new mom, massage helps

Coming home from the office tired, aching and sore means you want to jump in the tub for an hour and forget the world, right? What if you could simply put on your robe, lie on the massage table and have a rubdown for 20 minutes… wouldn’t that put you in the frame of mind necessary to cope with your family’s demands all evening? Yes, it would!

Even if you’re sore from Yoga or a Zumba class, getting a massage at home from someone who knows you well, and whom you trust and are fond of, is much better than dashing off to a day spa. Your nanny is prepared, professional and experienced, and no matter why you have aching muscles, she has the answer and will relieve them in no time.

5. Some health issues need massage for relief

Certain conditions – like Arthritis – are relieved by massage. Your nanny is there to take care of you, all of you, not just the children, and is more than happy to help with any physical condition you may be dealing with. If that means a massage each day to relieve swollen and sore joints, she is glad to oblige. Or if you’re expecting your second child and your nanny helps care for your first, is there anything better than getting a back rub after you’ve been lifting a two-year-old when you’re eight months pregnant? We don’t think so!

There are many other skills sets our nannies bring to their families, and whatever skill it is you need, we can match you with the perfect, experienced candidate. Many of our nannies are fully trained in CPR, for example, while others are expert chefs, and speak three languages. They are trained professionals in many areas, some areas you might not even have considered. So, when you contact Elite Nannies for a confidential consultation, be sure to have a “dream nanny” profile ready to discuss. With Elite Nannies, you can “dream the impossible dream”, like the song says, and we can bring that nanny right to your doorstep!