Being a Nanny

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a nanny is, “a caregiver, usually female, for a child, often in their own home.” With all due respect to the word experts, we beg to differ; that definition doesn’t go nearly far enough.

If we turn to literature, the description of nannies does not fare much better. They are idealized, like Mary Poppins and Nanny McPhee, or they are nameless governesses like the nanny in Henry James’ classic horror tale, “The Turn of the Screw.”  The latter had to protect her two charges from evil ghosts who were trying to possess them, and of course she moved heaven and earth to do so.

But what is a nanny really? What does she want for the children she takes care of, what does she want to contribute to their futures, their overall well being, and their day to day happiness?  We can’t speak for all nannies, of course, but we can speak for the women whom we employ at Elite Nannies, because we know them thoroughly before they ever get to meet the child, or children, whom they will guard.

We have very clear and firm ideas about what talents and skills our nannies must possess. They must be loving and kind, of course, and have a natural affinity for children. But those qualities are not enough. Our nannies are often young women with degrees who can make contributions to your home – and child – that go far beyond the usual role of care giver.

Many of our nannies are trained nurses, multi-lingual, and expert players of different sports. Some are even capable equestrians. Their goal is to fit into your home and schedule like a hand into a velvet glove…smoothly, easily…a perfect match. What you want for your child is what your nanny wants, and we ensure that whomever you choose to work for you and supervise your child, she will be a perfect fit right from the beginning.

Our nannies support you, the parents, as much as they support your child, whether it be during those early, stressful months trying to get your infant to sleep more than one hour at a stretch, or during the period in which you are breastfeeding. That can be a difficult journey for mom and baby, and it is a myth that all infants – and all moms – take to it instantly.

A good nanny knows how to help you through it, helps you adapt to your baby’s feeding schedule, and offers aid and insight about the art and science of breastfeeding.

Those early months with your baby are a parent’s initiation into the joys, and struggles, of their new role, and the right nanny can bring much-needed relief, humor and counsel to sleep-deprived, stressed out parents. It may mean taking over rocking duties while mom catches a shower and a nap, or it may mean taking the baby for a walk to help her fall asleep. Whatever you need at the moment you need it; that’s what an experienced, professional nanny is there to provide.

At Elite Nannies, we have rigorous standards our nannies must meet before we sign them on and begin the process of matching them with the ideal family. Many young women apply to our agency, but we hire only five percent of those applicants because we know that taking care of a child is the most important task anyone can undertake.

Let us give you an example:

Let’s say your child wants to learn how to dance. Many of our nannies have classical ballet in their backgrounds, and they can help introduce your child to the wonders of movement. Or perhaps music lessons are what you want for your child. Many of our nannies are skilled at piano, in all kinds of musical genres. Do you want another language introduced at home so your child is exposed to the many cultures around them? Many of our nannies speak more than one language; many even speak three. And if your child is a sports nut who wants to attend every major league baseball game? We have just the right nanny to foster that enthusiasm, and perhaps get them out on a baseball diamond themselves.

If it is true, as the saying goes, that “no man is an island,” it is even more true for a child. There is no such thing as too much love, too much enthusiasm for their gifts, too much support for their talents. Our nannies know this, and provide all the extra love, support and enthusiasm they need to blossom at whatever endeavour they choose, and whatever endeavour you choose for them. Think of your nanny as an additional sail in gusty winds…there to help, there to encourage, and there to make your child as happy, healthy  and fulfilled as possible.

A good nanny is a person who glides into the home and immediately fits in. At Elite, we know you are seeking someone who won’t just love and support your child, but someone who will fit into the family dynamics you’ve worked so hard to create. Your nanny is not just there to support and help your child, she is there is help and support you.

That’s why we insist on such an exacting hiring process, one that matches you not with an idealized nanny, not like Mary Poppins, but a nanny who is perfect for you and your family. You can count on Elite Nannies to find you the perfect candidate, one who will ease into family life and assume whatever duties you request. And then she will go beyond that, like a truly professional nanny should.

Our nannies encompass so many qualities not offered in the definition by Oxford…our nannies become family. When you need someone who loves and cares for your child the way you do, an Elite nanny will be there every time, twenty-four hours a day…no matter what. Because we know what you seek in your child’s caregiver, someone who is there to love, support them, and offer  information about the art of parenting, every step of the way.