Benefits of Breastfeeding – and how your nanny can help!

Let us count the ways that breastfeeding is wonderful! Virtually all new mothers hope to breastfeed their babies for at least six months, the physician recommended minimum all infants need to get a solid head start in life.

Some women breastfeed until their babies are no longer babies, they’re toddlers up to three. And some go longer, until the child weans itself, and is also on solid foods. Whatever route you as a new mother choose, there is no question that breastfeeding gives your child the most nutritional start to life possible, and is an incredible opportunity for emotional bonding – a “win-win” for both mum and baby.

Here are just a few of the ways in which your baby benefits from nursing:

A stronger immune system.

Studies show that when mum breastfeeeds, baby’s immune system, that marvellous part of the anatomy that fights disease and germs, get stronger and healthier. So your baby is better able to fight even colds, and middle ear infections and respiratory tract infections.

It may make your baby smarter!

Scientists aren’t sure whether these stats arise from the nursing itself or the additional cuddling and bonding that occurs during breastfeeding. But who cares? If it helps increase your baby’s I.Q., it’s important.

Helps baby’s tummy develop.

Because mum’s system contains antibodies that fight bugs and illnesses she’s had, she passes them on to the baby in her milk.  And the baby’s tummy becomes like the Fort Knox of digestion! Only good things go in, and they’re protected.

May prevent certain cancers later.

Some studies are indicating that childhood cancers like Leukemia may have a lesser chance at invading your baby if you breastfeed. More good news. It may help prevent other diseases too, like Celiac Disease and Diabetes.

We know you didn’t really need reminding of all the wonderful things breastfeed provides your baby with, but we did want to remind you that every moment you dedicate to it is absolutely worth it!

Now, how can your nanny help? It’s such a personal endeavor, between you and your baby…can having a nanny make it simpler and easier? Absolutely!

How Your Nanny Makes Life Easier While You’re Breastfeeding:

Doing housework.

When you’re nursing, you are on the baby’s timetable, not your own, and that means getting up at all hours to nurse them. Who has time for vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms and making beds? Not you, that’s for sure! And that’s where your nanny comes in. She’s a professional, and she will perform her tasks to the exacting standards you set. Our nannies are thorough, experienced and energetic, ready to do the things that you don’t have the time or energy for. That’s why having a nanny, even if you’re home on maternity leave, is such a plus.

Tending to others.

You and your partner still need to eat, and presumably one of you heads out the door every day for work. Our nanny will ensure healthy meals are on the table when you need them, tailored to your preferences, tastes, diet and ethnic or religious guidelines.

Sterilizing breast pumps.

This sounds like a minor task, but it is anything but! If mum goes back to work before the baby has finished breastfeeding, it can be as complicated and time consuming a task as organizing a NATO summit! Your nanny helps with all the dreary cleanup – leaving you more time for baby.

Mind other children.

Nannies are just as helpful to other children who may be in the home, picking them up at school and dropping them off; helping them with homework, and more. Sometimes navigating a new baby’s arrival in the home can be delicate with siblings, and your nanny will do all you ask and instruct to make it a smooth transition.

Any other errands or tasks.

There are a million household chores that need doing daily, weekly and monthly, and your nanny can help run the household like a well-trained race horse, leaving you free to be with and breastfeed your baby. When a new mum comes home from the hospital, there is little she can or wants to think about but being with her new baby. That is as it should be, and a nanny lets you focus your priorities where they should be focused – on your infant.

At Elite Nannies, we understand that it is a privilege to come into your home when a new baby arrives. Our nannies will ensure that the changes you and your family undergo when a new infant arrives are smooth, easy, and enjoyable for all.

Our nannies are able to think “on their feet” and adapt to whatever obligations and duties you set out for them, whether it be shopping for groceries and cooking a vegetarian feast or just holding the baby while you have a bath. Whatever you need done is done, quickly, efficiently and always, always with a smile.

Our nannies are intelligent, well-educated and thoroughly trained, so that you can rest easy that handling your baby is not just a job, it’s her profession. It is one that she has trained for, hoped for, and will handle with the aplomb and capability you want and expect.

Because at Elite Nannies, we don’t just match our nannies to families who need them – we match our nannies to families for whom they were meant to be with!  With good manners and great humour, our nannies bring welcome relief to families undergoing profound changes when a new baby comes home, and do it with skill and efficiency. 

Let Elite Nannies come to your aid, because you, as a new mum, deserve the best support available to you in your new, wonderful role: the role of mum!