Celebrate Mother’s Day: Let Mom Know How Special She Is

On the second Sunday in May, people all across the country celebrate mom, the woman who balances the demands of a thriving family with the demands of a busy career. Whether there is one child at home or five, moms need to be a first class scheduler, part time medic, and full time counselor when the children need her help. There is no doubt about it: being a mom is one of the most challenging roles a woman can undertake. It’s only fitting that on May 8th this year, all her hard work and care are recognized and applauded.

In this post, we offer suggestions for how to celebrate and honor mom. Some are classics (like breakfast in bed) while others may be new to you. No matter how you choose to thank the mom in your family for all she does, it’s worth noting that her biggest thank you comes when she sees her family smiling up at her!

mom and daughter

1) Breakfast or brunch?

There’s a reason serving her pancakes in bed has become such a tradition – moms love it! She gets to sleep in a little, and instead of worrying whether her child is having a nutritious breakfast, everyone worries about whether she will enjoy what they serve up. Even if you decide to take her out for brunch instead of going the homemade route, let her sleep in. That in itself is a gift she will really appreciate.

2) Make up a list of chores you’ll tackle.

Spring is here, and the yard needs cleaning up. So does the garage, probably. Instead of waiting until she corrals the family into spending a Saturday afternoon on these tasks, tell her you’re doing them as a family project without her help. Show her that you’re happy to help lessen her workload around the house by smiling, dancing, and generally having a good time together while handling these chores.

3) Make her a homemade card and gift.

Moms love anything their child makes, whether it’s a card on a piece of construction paper or a handcrafted gift. It doesn’t have to be big or elaborate – where moms are concerned, it really is the thought that counts. How about a glitzy bookmark made of cardboard painted in her favorite color? Add a flourish of glitter, and write her name in fancy script. She will cherish any little item like this because it was made with love from her most important gift – her family.

Mother's Day Card

4) Buy a plant to put in the garden.

Instead of fresh cut flowers this year – although those are lovely too – buy something that lasts and plant it outside. This is a tradition you can add to each year, by keeping an area for each new plant or flower you give her every Mother’s Day. Within just a few years, each time she looks at the yard she will see flowers in bloom that her family gave her. That is a memory that will endure long after her children are grown and off to college.

5) Make a video tribute.

Even young children these days are technically literate, so ask them to begin filming a video tribute. Ask each family member to say something wonderful about mom – even 30 seconds explaining how she helped them pass a test, or came to their dance recital, or anything else she did that showed her love. This is another Mother’s Day demonstration of appreciation for her that she will cherish forever.

family hugging

6) Stay in and let her choose the movie while you make the popcorn.

pending time with mom, particularly if her children are teens who are always on the go and out of the house, is perhaps the greatest gift of all. Offer to make dinner, then sit together in the TV room and let her pick the movie or series. Moms often subjugate their wishes when it’s time to turn on the television, letting the children choose what to watch. On Mother’s Day, let her rule the remote! And if she wants to watch a classic like “Casablanca,” don’t resist! Tell her you’re happy to watch any film she selects, then stay around and chat with her about it afterward.

7) Get outside in the fresh air and head for a hike.

Offer to accompany mom on her daily walk or hike, and make a picnic (weather permitting) to take along. All mothers love spending time with children outside, getting exercise, and talking about issues big and small. Ask her questions, such as how her work is progressing and where she would like to go for the summer holiday. Moms spend so much time focused on their children’s dreams and goals that they are deeply appreciative when the family turns the focus to her for a change. Show interest in her hobbies and volunteer work, too.

mom relaxing with coffee

Mother’s Day is all about mom, so in the end what matters is that you offer to do what she enjoys, whether it’s brunch at a favorite bistro or a hike in the nearby woods. To let her know how special she is to the family, keep everyone’s attention on her for the day. And no arguing! Taking a break from parental duties like refereeing sibling squabbles is another great way to show her how much you love and appreciate her.

Most importantly, tell mom how much you love and respect her. Those are words moms can never hear too often, and coming from her child, they are more important than hearing anything else in the world. Happy Mother’s Day from Elite Nannies!