International Women’s Day: How To Celebrate March 8th

On March 8th, the global movement behind International Women’s Day kicks off. There will be marches, speakers on platforms all around the country, and events held across the world on social media platforms championing women’s achievements, and urging support for gender parity. This year’s theme is: #BreakTheBias

How will you celebrate International Women’s Day?

In its earliest form, Women’s Day began happening in this country about 110 years ago.  This year’s celebrations promise to be bigger, more inclusive, and more spectacular than ever.

In this post, we offer a brief history of International Women’s Day and suggest ways you can dedicate this important date to the women and girls in your family, your community, and women and girls right across the globe.

How It Started:

In 1909, women across New York City were marching for better wages, fewer daily work hours, and (of course) the right to vote. (That right would not be won until 1920). It was then that February 28th was recognized as National Women’s Day in the United States. It was not until much later, in 1975, that the United Nations chose to designate one day annually for this event, and March 8th was chosen for what we know today as International Women’s Day.The theme of IWD changes each year, and this year’s slogan, #BreakTheBias, makes for a striking visual as well as a verbal reminder that everyone has a part to play in changing women’s lives for the better and championing their achievements.

Ideas For Celebrating March 8th:

The website for International Women’s Day ( suggests launching your contributions this year by posing while you bring the slogan to life, like this: cross your arms across your chest, palms facing outward, and take a selfie. Post the picture with the hashtag, #BreakTheBias to all your social media accounts. This demonstrates support for the movement and belief in the possibility of change. Take more photos and videos with your children, and post the pics to their accounts, too. When you see friends and colleagues striking the pose in pictures, be sure to send a thumbs up to their social media accounts. 

Other Ways To Mark The Day:

1. Bring a speaker into your community.

There are many topics to highlight on International Women’s Day, and plenty of experienced and engaging women to discuss them. Many communities have free venues available at which to hold a public talk, such as arenas, libraries, and community centers. If you know of someone whom you’d like to invite to speak, contact them through their website to check their availability. (It doesn’t have to be on March 8th – any time during the month it can be tied to the day). Or contact IWD for ideas on potential speakers who could come to your town, and what topics they could address.

2. Do a school project with your child on gender rights.

International Women’s Day is the perfect topic for a presentation in high school civics class. Or if your child or teen is working on an essay due in almost any subject, suggest they tie it to the achievements of one notable woman and how women’s equality impacted their career.

3. Celebrate the women and girls in your home.

Whether it’s mom, your teen or your nanny (or all of them!) make March 8th about celebrating the women in your home. Unlike other important dates, IWD is intended to recognize all that women and girls accomplish; how much more there is to do to support their ambitions and dreams, and how to develop concrete ways of making life better for all.

4. Take your daughter to work with you.

Seeing a woman on the job, performing her professional duties and the respect that engenders from colleagues, is a great way to demonstrate, not just talk about, all women accomplish in the workforce. Watching you on the job just might help convince them that your field is the one they want to enter one day.

5. Support a local, national or overseas charity devoted to women’s issues.

Make a contribution to a shelter; donate to a school for girls in the developing world – any effort like this is a great way to mark International Women’s Day.

6. Consider starting a mentorship program for teens.

Young women discover what they want to do professionally when they’re given the opportunity to try different jobs. Companies with intern and mentor programs give a gift to girls in their community by helping them learn what they may want to pursue later in life. If your firm doesn’t have one yet, talk to the appropriate individual about starting one. Launching it on March 8th is the perfect way to support the cause!

7. Download info and activities to do at home to celebrate March 8th.

IWD’s website has loads of great ways to support the movement and mark March 8th. Go to: for all the terrific resources and ideas you need, plus info on upcoming events across America happening to mark this very important day.

Every home and community will make a contribution to International Women’s Day – what will your contribution be?