A Nanny Or A Family Assistant? Why Not Hire Both In One?

Do you sometimes wonder where you would be without your executive assistant at the office – they seem to keep your entire working life running like a well-oiled machine, don’t they?

And the nanny at home keeps your children’s lives running the same way, as smoothly as a Swiss timepiece. These individuals are intrinsic, vital parts of your life that make your personal and professional worlds hum efficiently and easily.

All their attributes are indeed available in one skilled professional, and Elite Nannies is ready to help you find them. 

Do these incredible people really exist, you’re wondering? Indeed they do, and Elite Nannies specializes in placing these individuals with the families who need them.  They are called Personal Family Assistants and they are skilled domestic workers who look after almost every detail in a busy, modern family’s life. The easiest way to describe the way these talented professionals work is with one word: multi-disciplined. And the term employers use to describe personal family assistant is: indispensable – that’s how well they fit into the family’s world, and how reliant families come to feel when a family assistant is at the helm.

Here are just some of the attributes of a personal family assistant. They are more than childcare professionals, as you will soon discover.

1. Is there a difference between the nanny role and the family assistant?

Yes. Nannies primarily are concerned with looking after your children, and have taken courses, obtained degrees and gotten certificates to advance that goal. For example, a nanny may be trained to specifically help with a newborn baby. A personal family assistant also handles childcare, but they do much more.

2. What do personal family assistants do, exactly?

Think of a personal family assistant as having a larger, more expanded role in the household than the nanny does. For example, they may do all the chauffeuring around of the children, to everything from sports games to ballet practice to school each and every day. They assist in the home, too, by taking on responsibilities that parents delegate. Here is another example: let’s say the family travels each summer to a cottage or other vacation property. A family assistant can make all the travel arrangements, ensure everyone is packed and ready to go when the time comes, and purchase plane tickets on behalf of the family, if that’s required.

3. Are their educational backgrounds different?

In some cases, yes. Our personal family assistants, in addition to being experienced childcare professionals, also have (for example) degrees in marketing, hospitality or business, or a certificate in fitness training. Candidates who are capable of filling this role bring a vast amount of training, education and experience to the job, because there is almost no task they can’t handle!

4. Are they more expensive than hiring a nanny?

Perhaps, yes. Because this individual handles a wider array of responsibilities in your home, they often command higher salaries. But because they do so much, just like the executive assistant you have at the office, they are worth every penny!

5. Are there tasks and duties personal family assistants don’t perform?

When it comes to running your home efficiently and taking care of your children, the sky’s the limit! Of course you and your personal family assistant will agree on the duties at the outset of the hiring, but one of the greatest assets of a family assistant is that they can take on extra duties at a moment’s notice! They know how to think on their feet, as the saying goes, and rarely come up against an issue in a household they cannot manage.

Today’s busy households often need more than one individual to keep things running smoothly, particularly when both parents are at the office a great deal, or traveling for work. Choosing to hire a personal family assistant, someone who handles both childcare and also can assist in every other function in the home, is a terrific solution for your hectic, demanding life today. One minute your personal family assistant is taking the car in for servicing, the next they are planning the menu for a child’s upcoming garden party. Later the same day, they make sure the children are fed, bathed and in bed on time. These professionals offer 21st century solutions for 21st century families —  they make sure your family thrives so that everyone is cared for, attended to, and happy!