7 Gift Ideas for National Nanny Recognition Week (Sep 22-28 – save the date)

How To Say ‘Thanks’ For A Job Well Done

Your nanny is practically a member of the family, at least she is if she’s a professional. She’s come to feel like practically your own flesh and blood, particularly if she’s been with you for a while. 

We’ve heard some people’s stories of keeping a nanny on even after the kids have grown up, because the parents have developed a tight bond of their own with her. And the kids – no matter how old they are, they’ll always be your kids, right? – love her, too, and consider her a friend, an advocate, a supporter and one of their biggest fans. Kind of like having a “back up” mum in place whenever mum #1 isn’t home!

That’s what every parent wants: to know their children are safe, supported and special to anyone who stays at home.

And while you are generous with salaries and benefits, this week it’s time to do something extra special for your nanny, because this week, September 22-28, is National Nanny Recognition Week. And she deserves it… but what? How can you give a special ‘thank you’ to this person whom you trust with your most special gift — your children?

We’ve got some ideas for you about just how you can tell your nanny what she has come to mean in your house, and to your children. Some of these ideas are a bit pricey, some are completely free, but one of them is bound to be the perfect gift for the person you, and your children, have come to love and trust.

1. Send her shopping

Not for groceries this time, for herself! Slip her a bonus or buy her a gift card to her favorite store. Or, better still, buy a card to a store she might not usually go to, because it’s too far away, or too expensive. Nothing says “indulge!” like a previously bought card so she doesn’t have to think about spending funds from her own budget. Which brings us to our next idea…

2. A day off to spend as she likes

Make it a day she doesn’t usually take off, so it feels extra special. And if you can make it an extra day off with pay, that will thrill and delight her. Even without going shopping, a day off she wasn’t anticipating will make her very, very happy. And if she gets paid, she’ll be even happier!

3. A night out

Whether it’s live theatre or watching her favorite sports team, she will love getting tickets to a special event. No doubt it’s something she doesn’t always have the time or funds to indulge, and that makes it even more unique. She can bring home a souvenir and will treasure it, because her “family” gave her a treat they knew meant a lot to her.

4. A handmade card from the family

Everyone uses their phones to send messages today, but there is nothing more individual or touching than a homemade effort by you and the children. A card that says “we love you!” with a drawing will mean more to her than the fanciest one you could purchase at an exclusive boutique. Because it took time to make, your nanny will see it as a one-of-a-kind present she will cherish for years to come.

5. A day at a spa!

Nannies don’t often have the time or inclination to spend hours getting a mani-pedi or a massage. But because she’s only human, she’d love it! Treat her to a few hours with your favorite specialist, or pay to have her hair done by your stylist. It’s a luxury she won’t soon forget!

6. Send her home for a few days

This is a very big present, we know, but if you really want to surprise and delight her, send her back home to see her family for a few days. And don’t just buy the tickets; make all the arrangements, so that when you surprise her, she won’t be able to refuse. This one will bring tears to her eyes — trust us on that!

7. Make her a meal

If your nanny usually does the cooking, treat her to a meal with the family. Make a preferred meal, or get some takeout. The point here is that you take over, she doesn’t have to lift a finger, and you all eat together for once. She’ll be delighted, and will revel in being able to relax, chat and enjoy some favorite cuisine with her charges. Even a pizza will do — it’s getting her to sit and not worry that’s the present!

These are only a few ideas we’ve come up with; others include buying her a book by her favorite author, or a new phone, lunch at her favorite diner, or flowers with a card from the family. It doesn’t have to be a big, splashy effort to touch her deeply. All she will care about is that you remembered, and you expressed your fondness for her with a gesture, big or small.

And here’s another idea: tell her what she means to you! We all get so busy with our hectic lives, time slides by and suddenly we realize we haven’t told the people closest to us how much we care. We all do it, but this is the perfect opportunity to correct that oversight. Your nanny will be very grateful and touched by these expressions of caring, we know. It’s important to remember that it doesn’t take any time or money to just say “thank you” to the people who mean the most to us, and we know your nanny is someone who means a great deal to you.

National Nanny Recognition Week offers you the chance to make her feel appreciated, special, and important. That’s something we all want and need, and your nanny will be thrilled by whatever effort you and your children make.