Gift ideas for nannies!

Show Your Nanny You Care: Small Ways To Let Them Know They Are Appreciated

Gift ideas to show your nanny how much you care!

Finding the ideal nanny for your family is a little like striking gold! When the perfect, professional candidate arrives (thanks to Elite Nannies) everyone develops strong bonds quickly, and soon you wonder how your family ever got by without them.

That’s the sign of a truly gifted nanny. Your children love them, and you can relax knowing they are in the best care possible.

Because your relationship with them is a professional one, no doubt they are paid fairly, given days off and perhaps even benefits like medical and dental care. Those factors are decided between you when first you hire them, but as time goes on you wonder: how can I show them how valuable they are to us? What small things can we as a family do, to express our love and appreciation of their talents and support?

We have a few ideas on that score, ways for you and your children to say “thanks for a job brilliantly done!” Consider one or all of these suggestions, and we guarantee your nanny will feel valued and cherished every day, not just on special occasions.

Surprise them with an extra day off – and pay for it.

Usually parents and nannies have time off fairly well scheduled, like vacations in summer and perhaps a trip home at the holidays. But why not have the kids make them a card, something along the lines of “Just Because We Love You!” and include with it a gift card to their favorite shop or restaurant, or movie or concert tickets. (We know that outings in some spots across the country are still restricted because of COVID-19, so be sure your choices are current, or don’t have a “use by” date, just in case.)

Set up times to chat about their concerns. 

It’s easy, in this hectic world, to let weeks or months slip by without checking in with your nanny about how they are doing. Do they have concerns about their job? Is it working out well for them? Are they enjoying it, and feeling satisfied with their duties? Are they dreadfully homesick? This is a chance to encourage them to tell you if they are feeling a bit overwhelmed at times, and what you can do to ease the situation. And your nanny is your best source for information about the children, so ask them to update you on them, too, without violating their privacy, of course! (It’s also important that you offer them feedback on their performance, and whether you have any concerns, but this may not be the right moment for that. Save those thoughts for a structured, annual performance review.) 

A spa day, on you.

You know your nanny is incredibly dedicated to caring for others. But sometimes they let self-care slide because they always have important tasks to take care of for your family. So, why not treat them to a manicure, or a pedicure, or a mani-pedi and a facial at their favorite spa or salon? These are the kinds of indulgences nannies sometimes overlook for themselves, so when an employer offers one and pays for it too, it feels even more special. A spa day is incredibly restorative, and your nanny will be enormously appreciative – trust us on that.

Order in, and give them the evening out of the kitchen.

Sometimes you needn’t do anything special for your nanny – simply taking care of one (or two!) of their usual tasks is thanks enough. So if they usually gets the children fed, bathed and into bed, why not offer to take those duties off her hands one night? They will love being able to catch up on sleep or dive into a new novel.

Gift them a class.

If they have been thinking of joining an outdoor yoga class once a week, show them you’ve been paying attention by surprising them with a coupon to a class at the studio they are considering.  If they have been considering taking a pottery class, give them a night to be creative.  It’s a small gesture that means a lot to a busy nanny!

These are a few of the ways you, as their employer, can demonstrate how valuable and cherished your nanny is. It doesn’t have to be something you do every month, but once in a while, out of the blue, consider giving your nanny a special treat, something you know they will truly enjoy. We all want and need to feel appreciated in our jobs, and nannies are no different. Your nanny takes care of your most prized “possession” – your family — and a nod to them occasionally for a job well done is a memorable way to say you acknowledge all they do.  Whether it’s a shopping spree at their favorite store or a pass to the local movie theater… it’s the gesture that counts! And your nanny will thank you for your kindness, and come back to their duties refreshed, restored, and reinvigorated!