Small Business Day Is Coming: Celebrate & Support Your Local Independent Small Businesses

November 27th is a special day for small business owners — it’s National Small Business Day (SBD) right across the country.  It’s important to business owners, yes, but it’s important for consumers, too. It gives shoppers an opportunity to buy goods at local stores owned and staffed by people in their community whom they just might know personally. It gives everyone on both sides of the cash register, so to speak, the chance to herald the creativity and business acumen of these business owners, and say “thanks” for being part of the community by patronizing a store or two – or 10! Owners get to “strut their stuff” by hosting sales and promotions. And consumers get to show their appreciation for having these stores just down the street by buying up a whole lot of goodies they can’t find anywhere else.

The coming holidays present the perfect opportunity for going on a shopping spree. Do you need presents for Christmas or Hanukkah?  Do you need decorations for the Christmas tree or the outside of your home? Why not plan a day of shopping, then cap it off with an early dinner at a neighborhood restaurant, one that you know is owned by a parent you met at your child’s elementary school?

Trying to shop at these stores demonstrates your interest in, and support of, the places that might give your teenager a part time job when they’re in high school, or pay for band uniforms when your little one wants to learn the clarinet. Small business owners do so much more than open unique, enterprising places for you to shop in.  They become part of local neighborhoods and larger communities by establishing a presence in your town or city.

Small business owners are important for many reasons. In this post, we suggest some of the best reasons for supporting local shops near you, the small business owners who become part of the neighborhood, and the community as a whole.

1. It’s good for the local economy.

When you spend at a nearby small business, you’re putting income into the pockets of your neighbors. They, in turn, might hire your teenage son one day, giving him a part time job stocking shelves so he can save for college. So that spending has circular benefits, and in an example like that, that spending benefits your family as well as that of the small business owner.

2. They often have unique merchandise.

Of course, big box stores and online shopping sites like Amazon have plenty of goods, and sometimes ordering items from those sources makes sense. But small businesses often have goods you won’t find anywhere else. If, for example, you’re on the hunt for Christmas presents, a local gift shop may sell the wares of a local artist who has made the perfect item for a family member. You don’t always find a painting by a local artist on Amazon! And once again, if you spend money on things made in your region, those dollars stay in the community.

3. Lower your carbon footprint by shopping close to home.

This is one of the biggest pluses of buying holiday presents near home – you drive a lot less than when you head for a big shopping center in another town or elsewhere in your city. And since sparing the environment as much as possible is everyone’s goal this season, shopping locally at small businesses helps you achieve that.

4. The goods are high quality.

Have you ever ordered something online and been a little disappointed in its quality once it arrives? Sending it back and getting a refund or replacement takes time and effort, and many people just say “oh well” and store the product out of sight. But buying something at a small business – let’s say a new Christmas wreath for your front door – is sure to be backed by the owner’s assurance of quality and satisfaction. And if for any reason you’re not satisfied, or the wreath isn’t right for your door, you can take it back, exchange it for another, and have the right wreath in no time. Small business owners are committed to ensuring that their customers are happy because they aren’t anonymous, the way the big box stores and online shopping venues sometimes feel. And it’s easy! If you have an issue with the item you bought, just walk a few blocks and you’re back at the small business where you purchased it.

5. Small businesses specialize in original goods.

In many cases, doing your holiday shopping at a small business means your purchase is one-of-a-kind, and therefore whomever receives the gift won’t receive a duplicate present from someone else. Knowing that you’ve gone to the trouble of finding that one special item is enormously satisfying, for the giver and the receiver. It’s a win-win all the way around!

Last year was a real struggle for small business owners, who didn’t necessarily have the ability to turn into an online retailer instantly when the pandemic hit. Some were forced to close, but others adapted and successfully pivoted their businesses so they could continue to serve their customers.

This year, small business owners deserve a bustling holiday season, and consumers across the country can give it to them. Buy local, near home, and enjoy the many benefits of shopping at small businesses – not just on Small Business Saturday, but all year round.