The Importance Of Daily Affirmations: How They Help Families & Individuals

One of the keys to self-confidence is a positive attitude. Most people know that if they present themselves as optimistic and upbeat, others find them warm and engaging, and enjoy being in their company.

That’s often the path to a thriving social life and success at work. It is not an oversimplification to say that those who are friendly and positive as well as talented in their profession climb the ladder more rapidly than those who are insular and shy. Studies show that in most professional environments, a self-confident person who radiates empathy and warmth is more likely to advance in their workplace than their introverted colleagues. However, even the shyest individual can develop self-esteem and confidence.

How does a person become confident and positive? How can you develop self-esteem and belief in your talents and abilities?

Daily affirmations are a helpful tool toward that goal.

In this post, we explain just what daily affirmations are, and why they are important for individuals and families.

1. Exactly what is a daily affirmation?

A simple definition of a daily affirmation is this: a short, brief sentence that you repeat each day to yourself, silently or aloud. It might be something as simple as “I am worthy” when you look in the mirror in the morning while getting ready for work. Or it might be a sentiment the family shares over breakfast, repeating in unison: “We are all wonderful in our own way.” Whether you speak these words silently or share them aloud with family members, they can, over time, have a powerful impact on your self-worth.

2. How did this movement start?

The social trend toward positive thinking took off in the 1960s, with many books published that were devoted to the subject. Inspirational speakers also found fertile ground in this movement. Today, whether it’s in a book or the content of videos on a YouTube channel, daily affirmations abound and are easy to find and adapt to your own circumstances.

3. Why are affirmations helpful?

Saying them regularly, usually in the morning and perhaps twice again during the day, lets these affirmations move from being simple repetition to becoming belief. These phrases combat negativity, the kind that is detrimental to people’s confidence and sense of security.

Involving the whole family and saying a morning affirmation together helps tighten bonds. The philosophy behind these sentences is quite simple: telling ourselves something good to reinforce our self-worth helps us believe it. Affirmations are an easy tool to adopt when trying to build confidence in children, too.

4. How do they work?

Here’s an example: your teenager is facing a daunting test in math next week. They’ve studied a lot, but still feel nervous about doing well. A daily affirmation along the lines of, “I will succeed in school!” can inspire your teen and reassure them they have the skills to ace the test. If you say it with them, they discover just how much confidence you have in them – and that positive feeling is contagious!

5. Daily affirmations help shake off depression.

Chronic depression is a serious mental health issue that demands a multi-faceted response. However, feeling down or “blue” about an event – let’s say missing out on a promotion at work – can be handled and helped with daily affirmations. Reminding yourself that this event does not mean you’re bad at your job is a great way to begin processing the lost opportunity and readying yourself for the next challenge.  A daily affirmation such as “I will be ready for the next promotion” helps you focus on the future rather than the past. Whenever you need to cope with loss and move forward in a positive way, daily affirmations can work wonders.

Daily affirmations help soothe sadness, remind you of your gifts and abilities, and focus on future successes. They also help families verbalize their feelings for one another, and remind everyone of just how important familial bonds are. Saying “we are a unique and wonderful family” before heading out to deal with this busy world ends the morning together on a positive note. Affirmations are not complicated or difficult, and that is partly why they can almost work miracles. They are a confidence-building tool that are easy to use, take very little time, and boost self-love and self-esteem.  

If you and your family have never tried an affirmation before, today is the perfect day to start!